About Us

Since 2004, URLTrends has helped webmasters, search engine optimization experts and domain buyers collect crucial data about the history of domains. The trend report interface allows you to quickly view the entire history of a domain, as opposed to only recent data -- to better determine the true history of a domain; or, if you are a domain buyer, to better determine if a particular domain should be purchased.

URLTrends’ proprietary, one of a kind trend report has been developed to provide historic traffic statistics and competitive data for any URL for the purposes of better understanding the current true value of a domain. Global rank and country rank provide insights on which country the domain has predominantly served, as well as other lesser prominent regions, which are also pertinent components of intelligent domain analysis.

An important thing to look out for before purchasing a domain is artificial traffic inflation. Traffic analysis is absolutely critical to take into account before considering the purchase of a domain. Traffic source distribution is an important consideration to take into account for any domain, because it can be a strong indicator of authority, social awareness and even indicators of social proof.

With the ability to download PDF reports for the current month and to view data for previous months, URLTrends is used by webmasters, agencies, bloggers and businesses across the globe. The tool is in continual development, with new features and improvements added regularly.